Rafer Owens
Secretary of Village of Truth Inc.

Rafer Owens is a resident of Carson, California who was born and reared in Compton, CA. He was educated in the
local schools and was an honors graduate of Verbum Dei High School in Los Angeles. He attended UCLA subsequent
to his high school graduation.

He is Pastor of Faith Inspirational Missionary Baptist Church and has led this flock for 14 years. In addition to being
Pastor of one of the fastest growing churches in Compton, his work experience encompasses 7 years (1984 – 1991) for
the Burger King Corporation and 20 years as a Deputy Sheriff for the County of Los Angeles, stationed in Compton,

At Burger King, Rafer started ‘on the ground floor’ and worked his way up to Restaurant Manager. During his
tenure he worked in every capacity and position offered. Rafer hired and trained employees, established work
schedules, handled payroll, was responsible for the maintenance of the restaurant and all equipment, monitored
supplies inventory and used his extensive people skills to resolve personnel problems. He learned the operation from in
front of and behind the counter…from handling customers and the cash register to actual food preparation.
As a Deputy Sheriff, he is responsible for the safety and well-being of the citizens in the city of Compton. Community
Relations is his focus at this time and he is the liaison between the law enforcement authority and the community.
Rafer has had responsibility for the Explorers, who are teens preparing to become future law enforcement officers. In
this capacity, Rafer has become very familiar with the community and its political atmosphere, its citizens, its
problems and its positive attributes.

His duties as Pastor of a church with over 1,300 members on the roll are extensive. He supervises the direction of this
congregation through his God-given vision, is the spiritual advisor and counselor to not only church members but to
residents in the community and overseas the programs and operations of the entire church. Through Rafer’s guidance,
Faith Inspirational MBC is involved in the community on many levels. The church has adopted an elementary school
and a high school in the city of Compton, providing encyclopedias and support for school programs through members
who serve as mentors to students on their own time.

As a husband and father, Rafer has a definite feel for the pulse of this community. He has lived in Southern
California all of his 42 years and worships, works, shops, recreates and is educating his own children in the same
community in which he grew up.

He brings his influence, knowledge, discipline and vigor to Village of Truth, Inc. as a board member where he is
serving in full capacity